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Newsletter February 2019

Over-50s are open to a transitional retirement

Almost half of UK workers over the age of 50 would prefer to make a gradual transition towards retirement, research claims.

Opinium polled 1,007 over-50s, all of whom earn more than £20,000 a year, and found that 49% would prefer to adjust the amount of time they work before giving up work altogether.

More than two-thirds (70%) want to reduce the number of days they work each week, while 44% are keen to cut down the number of hours they work each day.

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Savers hit by avoidable ISA tax charge

Thousands of bereaved partners in the UK could be paying unnecessary tax on inherited ISAs, by missing out on a tax break.

Introduced in 2015, the additional permitted subscription means the spouse or civil partner of someone who has died can inherit the deceased’s ISA without paying tax.

The subscription provides an extra ISA allowance to the surviving spouse or civil partner, the value of which depends on when the death occurred.

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Pensions cold-calling ban takes effect

A ban on cold-calling about pensions came into effect last month, with fraudulent companies that disregard the new rules facing fines of up to £500,000.

Nuisance calls have been a common tactic deployed by scammers who seek to steal savers’ life savings or get them to invest in high-risk schemes.

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Think tank proposes tax changes to hit the wealthy

A think tank suggests that tightening up some existing wealth taxes and subsidies could help the Government save almost £7 billion a year by 2022/23.

Scrapping the lifetime and help-to-buy ISAs and making pensions tax relief more progressive were among suggestions made by the Resolution Foundation.

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source: PracticeWeb February 2019

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